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The Games 
The Games Project is a pedagogical approach through which students convert (or “translate”) complicated academic arguments and ideas into playable board games. In this new approach to project-based learning, students engage deeply with Feminist and Queer Theory and develop the skills to communicate academic arguments beyond the classroom. Foundational to The Games Project is a belief that academic work, particularly within Feminist and Queer Studies, has great potential to inform activism, policy, and social justice. For More information, visit The Games Project website. 
In Plain
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In Plain Sight is a documentary film about LGBTQ women in the rural upper Midwest who want to stay. Contrary to dominant ideas that position rural places as backwards, conservative, and homophobic, the women in In Plain Sight feel safe, supported, and happy. The film asks how we have come to imagine what life is like for LGBTQ people in rural places--and provides an opportunity to imagine it otherwise. For more information, see Films Media Group.
The Jane 
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Teaching the Jane Collective Teaching the Jane Collective is a website that details the experience of putting on the play Jane: Abortion and the Underground as part of an intensive four week class. The goal of the course was two-fold: to learn about how Feminist and Queer Studies can be used in the service of abortion justice and also to put on a production that would allow us to move our conversations beyond our classroom. The two sold-out performances and engaging talk-backs speak to our success! 

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