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Project Based Learning

My pedagogy centers using innovative, experiential, and project-based pedagogies. Across my courses, I create assignments through which students practice moving course material beyond the classroom in fun and creative ways. Such an approach is not simply geared toward expanding the spaces within which feminist and queer studies ideas are discussed, but is meant to help students grapple more deeply with the intricacies of academic arguments. Indeed, communicating feminist and queer theoretical ideas in this way requires a level of analytical sophistication and familiarity with academic ideas not required for even the most sophisticated in-class discussions. 


Most recently, my students create analog board games, which we then play at popular game nights on campus. You can learn more about The Games Project here. Beyond this, my students have organized a Reproductive Justice 5k, put on a theatrical production of Jane: Abortion and the Underground, and created various online projects. For examples of projects, see below. 

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