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Thomsen's writing has appeared in various public facing venues, including The New York Times, Ms. Magazine, GENDER.ED, the Women's Media Center, and the Social Science Research Council’s The Immanent Frame.  She has been quoted in both national and local news, including Business Insider, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Medium, the Daily Beast, NPR, Seven Days, and articles written by the Associated Press. 


To see what Thomsen has said about topics as diverse as rural queer life, crisis pregnancy centers and reproductive justice, and the academic field of gender studies, please check out the stories below. 

“I can see how people would think crisis pregnancy centers are using technology to transform their approach, but I actually don’t think that’s true. I think technology has allowed them to make their same strategies more sophisticated and more wide-reaching.”

Carly Thomsen

on CPCs for KQED

“I’ve been trying to figure out what resistance looks like in this moment when litigation and policy are becoming increasingly impossible in terms of finding ways to create a more socially just world. I think one way to do that is through inviting people into conversation through art.”
“It’s the issue of the relationship between theory and practice, between scholarship and activism.  The assumption that women’s studies equals a kind of uncritical support for contemporary movements is wrong.”
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